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The Fold Sessions - Episode 4

Number 1 Woman in Tech

Episode 4: Jo Bertram – The Number 1 Woman in Tech
September 27, 2017 The Fold

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Jo Bertram – Regional General Manager of Uber Technology Northern Europe: The Number 1 Woman in Tech

In this session you’ll hear how Jo Bertram, the Regional General Manager of Uber Technology Northern Europe, took a company ‘no-one had heard of’ global. The highs and lows of being the public ‘face of Uber’ and growing up in London Zoo.

Three takeaways:

1. Disruptors: Lead don’t follow – make sure you are always one step ahead of the competition. Look to how you can innovate and evolve.

2. ALT: Ambitious Ladies in Tech is a great forum for women in tech, whether its providing solutions for start-ups or just an opportunity to share experiences.

3. Be prepared: 1. Being in the public domain attracts attention – positive and negative, I don’t listen to the trolls but do take on board valid feedback.

Jo Bertram led Uber’s operations across Northern Europe. She joined over three years ago, making the jump to the then little known car app after almost a decade of management consultancy. As one of the most senior women in the company, leading strategy across some of Uber’s biggest cities in the UK, Nordics and Benelux regions, Jo is deemed No. 1 Woman in Tech by many. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge. An avid traveller, she has lived in South Africa and Australia where she became a qualified private pilot.




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