Working From Home with Jacqueline de Rojas CBE

Working From Home with Jacqueline de Rojas CBE
April 29, 2020 Marie

What does your average day look like?

Isolation and lock down has certainly changed my behaviour and work patterns. It feels like there is infinitely more time which is probably a combination of the time gained back from my commute into London along with brilliant weather and bright mornings which sees me up at 6am to walk the dogs with my husband. It is super quiet then and we walk around the rowing lake at Eton Dorney, which is a moment of togetherness that I want to hold on to forever.

How are you coping?

Our village community is incredibly supportive and we have a WhatsApp group where we have signed up for a 30 day fitness challenge. It is a place where we share tips and experiences and declare when we have completed our daily challenge or when we need support. So it is all about getting that green ‘tick’ on the group and consequently I find myself in gym kit until mid-morning when the fitness challenge is done and then I throw on a dress and some lipstick and I am good to go for my video calls for the day. Personally I feel the need to dress for work in order to bring my best self…at least the top half of me anyway!!

Your tips on working from home?

I do actually have a home office and take my video calls in there but it is interesting how I gravitate to our lounge for personal calls on a combination of Zoom, Facetime and WhatsApp with friends and family plus a cuddle with the dogs – probably my way of separating work and home. It feels good to change things up a little bit especially as life online means being quite sedentary and a new kind of tolerance is emerging as I get to grips with sharing bandwidth, which is less than perfect in rural locations.

Regular breaks have started to matter so much more and sitting down for home-cooked meals with my husband and our daughter who is isolating with us, is important for building mental health. And an added bonus is that I am learning so much from her podcast creations and social media skills.

Has this time made you change your perspective and priorities at all?

I am finding that health, happiness and balance are rising to the top of my agenda. Having been forced to shed the skin of my ‘always-on and rarely-available’ self, I am loving this opportunity to explore this new normal. Life is changing forever and I am looking for the miracle to see what good can come out of it.

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