Wisdom from talented women in the news this week

Wisdom from talented women in the news this week
July 29, 2016 BenTheFold


Another busy week is coming to an end, and a whole lot of inspiration and pieces of wisdom from talented women have been picked up along the way. We want to share it with you.

It started with an interview with Brianne West — a 29-year-old entrepreneur on a mission to save the planet from plastic waste. That’s a big goal to have, but she says if you believe in what you do, you won’t quit even if the going gets tough. Read it in Forbes.

The youth holds the answer. Last week the 14-year-old Lucy Cavaghan (pictured above) achieved what no animal rights campaigners have before: Tesco has pledged to ditch caged eggs. That’s no mean feat. Imagine what she’ll have achieved 20 years from now. See The Telegraph.

On a less positive notes, somewhere around that age, many girls seem to lose their confidence in themselves. Research by Girlguiding UK shows whereas 90% of nine to 10-year-olds feel they have the same chance of success as boys, it drops to only a third for young women aged 17-21. In part caused by a lack of women in powerful positions, this loss of confidence could be prevented by strong mentoring programmes. More in The Telegraph.

But, be as it may, for the first time in history, a major political party in the United States has nominated a woman as their presidential candidate. Perhaps things are changing?

Now, we’re not campaigning to run the most powerful country in the world but god knows everyone’s work can get busy and stressful. Patrik Edblad wrote for The Muse how to get your work done without relying on a mythical idea of motivation. “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work,” he cites painter Chuck Close. The women that ‘show up and get to work’ in Forbes have some advice, too, for when you need an investor. In short? Tread with caution and don’t get married after the first date.

Here’s to finishing the week wiser than we were before.

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