Marissa Meyer and what we can learn from athletes

Marissa Meyer and what we can learn from athletes
August 5, 2016 BenTheFold

Are female CEOs are treated differently and what we can learn from Olympic athletes

This week, the air has been filled excitement as we approach the Olympics. But, it has also been a week of debate, fueled by some painfully sexist comments about women and ambition, made by Kevin Roberts, now former chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi.

On the positive side, not only was he made to resign — it really did spark a discussion. Victoria Lambert wrote a piece on the sizzling hot topic, pondering whether woman want to get to the top. The short answer is yes, read the piece on The Telegraph.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! was also in the news with its CEO Marissa Mayer under fire. Nothing unusual about a CEO feeling the heat although Lucy Kellaway, in her column in the Financial Times, notes that the reporting on female CEOs is different and asks, as Ms Mayer has done herself,  if sexism at play.

It’s not just in the corporate world where women in leadership is a hot topic. Only 15% of European universities are led by women. So we salute Christina Ullenius, ex rector of Karlstad University, in Sweden, and now a founder member of the European Women Rectors Association (EWORA), which she launched to support and train aspiring female rectors, as well as promote the wider benefits of a more diverse university workforce. Find out more in Times Higher Education online.

Anyone who has ever applied for a job or hired someone will find this Harvard Business Review article interesting which urges companies to find out why prospective employees turn down job offers. Meanwhile PSFK looks at a new approach to career planning and how successful companies are harnessing this to retain good staff.

So back to the Olympics – we can’t wait for the start of Rio tonight. And if the athletes can teach us anything, as reported in The Telegraph, it’s how to get into the mindset of a winner…

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