How To Master The Perfect “Undone” Blow Dry

How To Master The Perfect “Undone” Blow Dry
August 12, 2015 The Fold

Whilst we love the confidence-boosting nature of a voluminous, bouncy blow-dry, however, the summer months demand something a little less ‘done’ and a little more carefree. Our partner hair salon, Easton Regal, has shared an easy step-by-step guide to master the perfect ‘undone’ blow dry. With their simple to follow instructions, you can achieve salon-worthy results and a hairstyle that will take you from the office to the weekend.



STEP 1: On freshly washed, conditioned and combed hair, spray sea salt spray  evenly to add texture.

STEP 2: Rough dry the hair with your hair dryer until it is 70% dry.

step 3: Section from temple to temple to a point 3 inches above the nape. Clip the top hair out of the way.





STEP 4: Use a small round brush to blow dry. Use the brush to twist the hair and direct the heat to the twist: using the nozzle will keep flyaway hairs at bay.

STEP 5: Work around and up the head until all the hair is dry.  If you have a fringe or short layer at the front, blow dry out smooth with some movement.

STEP 6: Once all the hair is dry and twisted shake through with your fingers to break up.


No time to do your own hair? Fear not – Easton Regal offers quick blow dries that you can squeeze during your lunch break. Starting at £28 and lasting an average of 4 days that’s just over £7 per wear!





Hair By Holly Rose at Easton Regal Hairdressing

Make-Up by Thuy Le

Photography by Nathalie Gordon


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