The Fold Woman

  • The Fold Woman: Clarissa Coleman

    From overcoming the challenges of being a working mother, to the benefits of wearing a stand-out colour to make an...

  • The Fold Woman: Rachael Holtzberg

    From befriending failure when it comes to new ventures, to the importance of listening to customer needs, Rachael shares her...

  • The Fold Woman: Emma Heal

    After cutting her teeth as a buyer at Tesco at the very start of her career, Emma Heal then...

  • The Fold Woman: Funke Abimbola

    “I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I want to level the playing field.” With admirable experience...

  • The Fold Woman: Liz Perks

    With over 16 years experience in the accountancy-world, Liz Perks tells us her story, explaining how she fell into...

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