The Fold Woman: Prioritising Your Time

The Fold Woman: Prioritising Your Time
December 8, 2016 The Fold

How to prioritise your workload


Five inspirational Fold Women share their top tips and advice on how to prioritise your workload and efficiently manage your time.

I’ve taken to doing daily ‘To Do’ lists but have broken down into 3 columns – Work, Home/Family and Me. I’m finding that this really helps and writing it each morning and checking-off each evening is very healthy.

– Amelia Torode, Chief Strategy Officer, TBWALondon


There is only so much time you can spend working every day or other things will suffer; whether that’s your health, your relationship/family or your happiness. You need to work with the 2D’s (as I call them): Delegate & De-prioritise. Figure out what you can outsource or give to someone else in the team who might not be as busy as you are (or potentially faster in doing it). De-prioritise what isn’t time-critical; this often means talking about your workload openly with the team and potentially your boss to jointly agree what can be postponed to a later point in time (in my experience, women shy away from that discussion too often, they’re scared that people will think they aren’t working enough).

– Dr. Manuela Rabener, Co-Founder and CMO Scalable Capital


My top tip for managing workload over the festive period is starting early. I started jotting down ideas for Christmas presents in October and buy a few presents on the internet most evenings, so that I should be pretty much sorted by December. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and it means that I actually get to enjoy the run up to Christmas, knowing that I have things under control at home, and can cope with the extra demands of social and networking events at work, plus the inevitable extra school commitments.

– Liz Perks, Partner, Haberman Ilett


I have very strict boundaries about what I can and cannot do. For example, I do all my Christmas shopping online and have presents delivered directly to the recipients, already wrapped. This can be done from the comfort of my home, avoiding the horrendous crowds altogether. I am also realistic about what I can and cannot get done work-wise before the holidays and differentiate the ‘must-haves’ from the ‘nice-to-haves’. The other thing I avoid is the constant requests from friends to ‘meet up for a drink before Xmas’. I am much happier catching up early in the new year when there is less time pressure!

– Funke Abimbola, General Counsel & Company Secretary


You should be absolutely ruthless on your top three priorities as a business. Focus all energy and time into them alone, go through a sharing exercise to understand how each function will deliver these three things and then question all other work. If it doesn’t contribute to the three goals – bin/park it immediately. And have fun, it is Christmas after all!

– Emma Heal, Retail Director,


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