The Fold Woman: Stephanie Bonnet

The Fold Woman: Stephanie Bonnet
January 13, 2015 The Fold
stephanie bonnet

We are thrilled you chose our Astor dress to get married in! How did you decide upon The Fold for your wedding dress?

I knew that I wanted a short classic, elegant and stylish dress for the wedding. Not being a young blushing bride, I couldn’t quite see myself in a romantic, lacy, flowery dress (although I did get tempted for a while).  I had already browsed the Fold catalogue which I had received at home, a few weeks back. So when I firmed up my idea of the style I wanted, I knew that the Fold would be a good place to start. I browsed online and quickly found two models, the Astor and the Eaton. 

I had a quick email exchange with Laura at the Fold and booked an appointment into the showroom to try them both on. I tried the Astor dress on first and it was immediately the right one! The fit was great, the fabric was  high quality, the style was exactly what I was looking for and I just felt beautiful and totally me in it ! Laura provided expert advice on the fitting and recommended that I went with the top in one size and the bottom in the other size.  The fact that the Fold can do that, therefore accommodating every woman’s body, was really perfect.

From then on, the dress was made, I tried it on and had a few adjustments made so that it fitted perfectly.  All throughout, the level of advice, customer service and attention provided by the team at the Fold was beyond par. I really felt that they wanted me to be as pretty as possible on the day. Nothing was too much trouble.

And that, along with the beauty of the dress, is what made the Astor such the perfect wedding dress for me. 

The Fold Woman Stephanie

Stephanie’s Astor dress

We loved looking through your beautiful wedding pictures. Where did you get married and when? 

We had a lovely intimate wedding with only our families at beautiful Hotel Endsleigh, which is in Devon. It was on a dry and quite warm late October day so we were lucky. The setting is beautiful with gardens, colourful trees and the most exquisite English manor which my French family loved!

Could you give a brief description of your career to-date?

I have spent most of my career in communications consulting, holding jobs in Paris, London, New York and Amsterdam. I started in strategic planning, then moved on to Knowledge Management, before developing the European digital media practice for a PR agency. I specialise in online marketing and social media strategy and helped organisations such as Accenture, Hewlett Packard, Cadbury, KPMG… use online marketing to build lasting engagement with customers and drive loyalty or sales. 

The Fold Woman Stephanie

Stephanie wears the Astor dress

Tell us about Linklaters and your role within the company:

Linklaters is a global law firm, one of the Magic circle leading law firms. We specialise in advising the world’s leading companies, financial institutions and governments on achieving their strategies and managing risk across emerging and developed markets around the world.

I manage our Online Marketing communications, defining and developing Linklaters digital strategy as well as driving the firm’s approach to social media and new digital marketing trends. I oversee our corporate website, client sites, mobile solutions, social media networks and interactive media.

As a woman in business, how important is it to dress well for work?

As a French woman working in a British law firm but specialising in digital, I have to achieve the delicate balance of looking both creative, professional and “Parisian”. 

So I look for outfits that allow me to retain a certain sense of freedom and effortless chic while inspiring respect when necessary.

The Fold Woman Stephanie

Stephanie wears the Astor dress


You also have a blog,, that recommends boutique hotels and rentals for a chic family holiday. How did you get into blogging?

I’ve always been a bit of a geeky girl, liking tech tools and looking for the next app. About 15 months ago, I sensed the need to not only design digital strategies but to really get practical about the online world. 

I’ve always loved researching boutique hotels or stylish hoiday rentals for our family breaks so it felt natural to create a blog about it.

My goal is to help style-conscious women find a beautiful and therefore relaxing holiday place for them and their families. 

You must have uncovered some beautiful boutique hotels through your blog. Can you recommend some hidden treasures to us? 

Domaine de la Baume in Provence is just perfect. It opened fully this summer 2014 and is the former residence of famous artist Bernard Buffet. Glorious setting, prefect home design and delicious food. 

For a guaranteed sun and blue holiday, you can’t do better than Greece. Rou Estate, in Corfu, is a magical self-catering village where you can have individual villas, some with private pools, while benefiting from a gorgeous view over the green hills and blue Mediterranean sea. 

In the UK, I recently sent my sister to 2 Crescent Gardens, a stylish B&B in Bath and she really liked it. There’s also a beautiful new rental cottage in the New Forest called the Old Sir Walter Tyrrell.

The Fold Woman Stephanie

Stephanie wears the Astor dress


How do you go about maintaining a good work-life balance? 

Over the years, I have developed some guiding principles 

1) being very clear about what’s important to me and what I want to prioritise.

2) making sure that my employer and others understand this. I’m lucky that Linklaters is a very flexible company in that regard but if they were not, I would try to find an employer that is. 

3) putting work stress into perspective : is it something that I will really remember at the end of my life? Or would more time spent with my daughter, husband or friends and family be the key events that I recall?

4) finding time to relax, think and clear my head. I do not look at my phone or listen to music when I walk to and from work every day. These 15 minutes each way are spent observing the world and its beauty. It’s amazing how restorative that is.

And finally, what is your favourite style in the current Fold collection and why?

I really like the Audley red dress for its vibrancy yet understated way to say “look at me”. I’m also a big fan of Le Marais for its versatility. I have a suit in navy blue and pair the jacket on and off with other wardrobe elements.

Pictures from Sam Gibson.

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