The Fold Woman: Kirsten Goss

The Fold Woman: Kirsten Goss
December 1, 2014 The Fold

Tell us a bit about your career background – how did you get into the jewellery industry and did you work in a different profession prior to becoming a designer?

I studied economics before majoring in goldsmithing and jewellery design –I’ve always been that way – split into two halves – one half creative and the other business minded. When I came to London I worked for two years in the City and cut my teeth in a corporate industry, before finding a way back into the design sphere. Having studied under real masters of the craft learning the core elements of traditional goldsmithing and gemmology I needed to off-set that with a commercial sensibility. I went to work for Erikson Beamon before setting up on my own at Westbourne Studios.

Kirsten 1

Kirsten wears Le Marais tapered trousers and the Houston blouse in black

What are they challenges involved in setting up your own business and how have you overcome them?

It’s the usual thing – if you are the creator, you have to have people to help you look after your business in order that you can create. However, it’s very tough delegating crucial service orientated aspects of the business when you are starting out. Chicken and egg: quality costs and you have to make the money first. One of the greatest assets and most worthwhile outlays is good staff. I set up an international business which meant leaving shops abroad and managing from other countries. You have to have trustworthy and smart staff in order to achieve this. Cashflow is the greatest challenge in any small business. Careful guidance and planning is critical – hence the numbers people are your most valuable asset outside of your intellectual property!

What is the most important life lesson you have learnt from another woman?

Never take no from someone who isn’t authorised to say yes in the first place. Erica Goss (pioneering eccentric grandmother).

kirsten Goss

Kirsten wears the Ginza coat in black and white

What advice would you offer to aspiring jewellery designers?

You have to decide if you’re going to be a designer or a maker early. It’s very tough trying to juggle both, and the business type depends on growth and response to market. If you are running your business and trying to be the jeweller, you are going to run into problems.

How do you unwind outside of work?

I’m crazy about a good run on the promenade with my boyfriend. Hysteria and tomfoolery with the kids and the parrot. Movies and reading go a long way to keeping it light and fantastical – and researching trivia ranks quite high on the relax radar!

kirsten Goss

Kirsten wears the Ginza coat in black and white

Describe your 9 -5 style – what do you look for in work wear?

I specifically hate the idea of work wear. I wear what I love always. I’d say I’m drawn to fast fashion but love a good classic, twisted up with a few clashing colours and irreverent accessories. More is more. Pattern on pattern. Racy trainers with a frock. Lots of cinchy belts and garish sunnies – I love a playful feminine approach.

How would you advise working women incorporate jewellery into their everyday looks?

Push boundaries. Life is about making statements, being noticed, doing something unexpected. If you’re a successful professional then you’re already doing all that stuff, so let your style do some talking too. Ditch the pearls and do something that empowers you!

kirsten Goss

Kirsten wears Le Marais tapered trousers and the Houston blouse in black

And finally, what is your favourite item from The Fold AW14 collection?

The Russell dress exemplifies understated chic. I love the simplicity paired with the unexpected. The opening at the back is so sexy and the finite attention to detail is something I always connect with aesthetically. It’s a timeless piece every woman should invest in.


Jewellery from Kirsten Goss 

Photos from Amelia Allen Photography

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