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The Fold Sessions - Episode 3

From the Olympics to the City

Episode 3: Lizzie Goodburn – From the Olympics to the City
September 20, 2017 The Fold

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Lizzie Goodburn – Chief of Staff, AFME: From the Olympics to the City

In this session you’ll learn how through a series of career zig zags and pivots Lizzie went around the world – from the 2012 Olympics to a career in the City.

Three takeaways:

1. Advice on career planning: For an interesting read I highly recommend The 100 Year Life by Gratton and Scott.

2. Embrace Opportunity: Planning can be at the cost of recognising and grasping opportunity.

3. Your career doesn’t have to be linear: There can be ups, downs and sideway moves – and that’s perfectly acceptable.

With a career that’s been far from linear; from Team GB, to five years in a magic circle law firm, Lizzie Goodburn used an MBA to transition into new career territory; supporting the CEO of the London 2012 Olympics and as Chief of Staff at the Guardian Media Group. Now, Lizzie is Chief of Staff at AFME and continues to support the UK sports industry as an independent advisor to the Board of British Parasnowsport.

Read Lizzie Goodburn’s Fold Woman feature here




You career is a marathon not a sprint


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