The Fold Business Breakfast: Being Financially Savvy

The Fold Business Breakfast: Being Financially Savvy
November 24, 2014 The Fold
Business breakfast

On Thursday 13th of November, The Fold co-hosted a business breakfast with Sophie-Jane Keelaghan from St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group on the subject of ‘Being financially savvy: career, finance and home’. It was a morning filled with networking and thought-provoking talks from successful businesswomen Sophie-Jane Keelaghan, Suzanne Doyle-Morris and Fiona Hoston Moore. The inspiring speakers discussed the new role of women as economic powerhouses and their contribution to wealth and decision-making as well as sharing their personal experiences as female breadwinners.

During the event, hosted at The Goldsmiths’ Centre, guests enjoyed a luxury continental breakfast and received a goodie bag with a copy of Suzanne Doyle-Morris’ latest book, Female Breadwinners.

business breakfast

After an introduction from The Fold’s co-founder and CEO Polly McMaster, Sophie-Jane Keelaghan, associate partner at St. James’s Place, started the morning discussing the findings of  the research published by CTI “Harnessing the power of the purse”, which explores the role of women influencing wealth. She pointed out that by 2050, over 50% of wealth worldwide will be controlled by women.

Following Sophie-Jane’s talk, Fiona Hotston Moore talked about her personal experience as a female breadwinner. She had the audience captivated with her story and her insights on how to set up a family structure and being in control of the household decisions.

We tossed the coin to decide who was going to give up work and that’s when I became the breadwinner“.

Business Breakfast

She offered some invaluable advice for women who find themselves – willingly or not – in a similar position:

One of the main challenges was letting go at home, letting my husband do all the groundwork.

I learnt not to take too much notice of what others say. It’s usually more about them than about you.

Suzanne Doyle-Morris, PHD and acclaimed author of The Female Breadwinners, closed the discussion talking about role reversal trends in terms of financial contribution in the household and shared some of the key conclusions from her book.

In a very though-provoking contribution, Suzanne remarked that being the main financial contributor to the household is not always a planned move: “most people don’t get to decide: ‘I am going to be a female breadwinner’“.

She also raised very interesting points around the subject of financial role reversal: “Being the breadwinner is a burden and also a privilege – one that men have been handling for generations” and how this should be reflected in the way we educate our children: “we need to be more honest with our daughters – they may grow up to be the sole breadwinners“.

Business Breakfast

The debate was then opened to the audience, and the attendees posed very interested questions about their own personal stories and shared tips to control finances.

After the talk, guests were invited to network and visit The Fold Showroom to browse the AW14 Collection.

A special thank you to our co-host Sophie-Jane Keelaghan, Associate Partner at St-James’s Place Wealth Management Group, who helped organise the event and offered invaluable financial advice to all the attendees. We also want to thank the speakers for their many contributions during the event and Avery Fine Perfumery for their lovely goodie bag fillers.

Photos from Amelia Allen Photography

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