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April 15, 2014 The Fold

Formal dress

The interview is a crucial moment in any successful career. It is the first face-to-face contact with a potential employer and making an impeccable impression is a must. Everything from body language, tone of voice and manners counts, and, of course, your chosen attire. Thus, selecting the right suit or formal dress is essential. Although interviewers are more interested in your skills and competences, Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s career expert, confirmed on a Forbes article that “On a job interview, your attire makes a statement about yourself before you even open your mouth,”. Hence, it is important to dress to impress. It is usually advised to dress on the conservative side: better to be too formal than too casual! Although the outfit chosen will always depend on the role you are interviewing for, solid colour looks with structured fit are always a safe option. If you choose to wear a formal dress or skirt, just make sure that the length is appropriate. Cleavage should be discreet and shoulders covered, and heels should be of moderate height. It is better to keep hair and make-up clean and classic and your choice of accessories should go in line with the level of formality required in the job: if in doubt, keep them minimal and classic. However, if you are interviewing for a creative role, bold accessories are a great way to show your personal style while still dressing the part. Get some inspiration from these looks that will help you put together the perfect interview outfit:

The Classic: The Berkeley in grey and white tweed is a very versatile formal dress. Style it with elegant accessories

Formal dress

The Sharp:  Wear the Straight Trousers and Draped Jacket from Le Marais Collection, the Wooster Shirt and top it up with minimalist accessories.

Interview the sharp

The Stylish: Mix and match pieces from Le Marais Capsule Collection with bold accessories.  Tuxedo Jacket in blush pink, Layered Skirt and Layered Top.

Interview the stylist

And remember; always make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your outfit and “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.

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