International Women’s Day Brunch Highlights

International Women’s Day Brunch Highlights
March 12, 2012 The Fold

On Saturday, a group of women congregated at Home House to celebrate female success and entrepreneurship in light of International Women’s Day. The event was a huge success, with fantastic guest speakers, new and exciting brands, and great conversations!

The guest panel saw a variety of women who have recently started their own business ventures. Nikki Armytage, The Life Stylist and Coach. Joanna Tall, Off to see My Lawyer. Sandra Donskyte, Bitch-online magazine (who is also our Woman of the Week). Christy Osborne, An American Girl in Chelsea Blog. Anna Bance, Girl Meets Dress online dress rental. Jaime Cooke, Muks Boots. The ladies all shared their stories, recollecting the high and low points of their journeys through business.

Some pearls of wisdom from the day:

•Value your time and know when to delegate: as a start up business, you know that your service is of the upmost importance and value. If there is a task that a junior is able to do, then delegate it to them!

•Effective Business Collaborations can save money and hassle: We met loads of new businesses at the brunch on Saturday. There’s loads of potential to collaborate on future events, or even employ their services! Look into your own network before you look further afield.

•Locate your inner warrior: Women shouldn’t be afraid to demonstrate more assertion in the workplace. Try to improve on these skills and see how it transforms your business!

•If you’re running a business with a partner, make sure it’s legally covered! Business partnerships with friends, boyfriends, family members are great, but you have to make sure everything is well documented from a legal point of view. You never know what could change down the line, and being safe in the knowledge that you have a clear exit strategy is ideal!

•Know Your Own Limits: Jo Tall reflected on a moment at her former law firm when she was called away by a sick child from work one day. Her boss was unfazed by this, and couldn’t understand stating ‘she didn’t leave work every time her horse was ill’. With this humorous anecdote, it highlighted the need to prioritise your life and know where your boundaries lie. Whether it’s your own happiness, your families wellbeing or even your love for equestrian past times.

International Women's day

While the day focused on female entrepreneurship, it was important to reflect on women in the corporate world and the challenges and triumphs they too face. What became evident through the group discussion, was that women all over the city battle similar problems, despite their workplace. What was important was to hear from many women around the room that they love their jobs, and feel inspired to share it with others.

Thanks to all the women who participated, and made it such a successful day! To see the full album of the day, visit out Facebook page.

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