Bank Holiday Brief

Bank Holiday Brief
August 26, 2016 BenTheFold

Briefing Before the Bank Holiday

A post-Olympics world has simmered down. There are no more medals to bring home and so there is much less excitement in the air. GCSE results are out (and they were not good) and politicians are at each other’s throats over the Human Rights Act. But, instead of focusing the negative, we thought we’d highlight articles on three powerful, inspiring women we read this week.

First, it is an interview with Antonia Romeo. She is the newly appointed British consul general in New York, looking after economic and commercial affairs. Romeo oozes confidence and calmness as she talks about her role in keeping the cool after UK’s vote to leave the EU and her ambitions to rocket boost trade between Britain and the US. Exactly the kind of person one would want in charge. Read the full interview in The Telegraph.

Then there is Dr. Stephanie Eltz. One expects doctors to be coming up with revolutionary ideas all the time, but Dr. Eltz’s answer to this is slightly different. The ‘doctorpreneur’ has launched an app called Doctify, which aims to help make sense of the land of private doctors. It’s like Airbnb but for your health. It eliminates the need to wait for months for MRIs, it will take some pressure off the NHS and it’s so easy to use. Marie Claire interviewed the doctor to talk about the app.

Lastly, we want to talk about Hillary Clinton. She hardly needs an introduction, but this week, we read a delightful article about her on The Hill. It asks if Clinton is the perfect female politician. Is she? Perfection isn’t an easy goal, however, in Clinton’s case, as journalist Conrad Liveris explains, her imperfections are in part what makes her so brilliant. She’s not the soft, motherly female politician the world wants to see because it sits with a certain gender stereotype. Instead, she comes with baggage, bags of experience and the bravado to make it all work in her favour.

We also love a good article on ways to empower women doing business and Sabrina Parsons wrote a lovely one for Huffington Post this week. This blog post is all about celebrating women, so it feels appropriate to end it with a thought from her article: support each other.

Before you take off into the weekend, the women of Wall Street have finally got their own film and according Meredith Lepore, this is the real female empowerment film this summer. These women are strong but they are also ballsy, complicated and imperfect. Like people are. We’re planning on seeing it. Read more in The Observer.

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