The Fold Woman: Rebecca Lynch

The Fold Woman: Rebecca Lynch
March 6, 2014 BenTheFold

Rebecca Lynch, Partner in the Employment Team, Davenport Lyons

Tell us a little bit about your career background?

My degree was Law with French, after which I spent a year in New Work working at a niche law firm in Manhattan. Returning to the UK, I started my training at the West End firm, Seddons, where I was promoted to Associate at the age of 27. After this I joined Davenport Lyons in 2007, and was promoted to Partner in 2013 at age 33.

Rebecca Lynch- Birgit DressRebecca wears The Birgit Dress in Slate Blue and Black

What are your personal and or work goals for 2014?

To continue to develop my client base to become as self sufficient as possible and to move house!

What is one the greatest challenges that you have had to overcome in your career? 

Getting into law is not easy particularly when you have not been to Oxford or Cambridge or one of the red brick universities.  I decided to take a year out and go on an internship programme to New York (Mountbatten Internship Programme).  It turned out to be the best thing I have ever done, both personally and professionally.  It managed to get me in the door for interviews and differentiated me from other candidates.

Has there been a particular role model or mentor who has helped you define and achieve your goals?

My boss in New York, Heidi Reavis, an outstanding lawyer and one of the hardest working, kindest and most inspirational people I have ever met.  Without her I would not be doing the job I do now.  She was also a tremendous support to me when I lost my brother to Cystic Fibrosis during my year out in New York, something I will always be tremendously grateful for.

Rebecca Lynch Georgia DressRebecca wears The Georgia Dress in Slate Blue

The Fold has attended some fantastic networking events with Davenport Lyons.  How important is it to build your network in order to progress in your career?

Absolutely vital.  Law is a people profession.  People want to know and trust their lawyer and if you take the time to build that relationship then people are very loyal and will recommend you to their friends/business contacts.  I have many great friends now who started out as my clients. Part of my job as a Partner is to bring in work as well as carry out the work itself and good networking is essential to this.

What advice would you give to your younger-self when you were starting out in the law that you wish you had known?

I think my career would have been slightly easier if I had been more informed about my choice of University.  If I was advising someone now wanting to go into law I would advise them to go to Oxford or Cambridge or one of the red brick universities if possible.  That said, I have no regrets about my choices as if I had done it differently I probably would never have ended up in New York, which remains one of the best years of my life experience so far.  I also had a wonderful training experience at a firm that became like a second family to me (Seddons).

What do you do outside of work to unwind?

I love spending time with my husband Mark, and with friends.  I go to the gym, do a bit of running and also play mixed netball which is great fun and is also a good chance to catch up with friends.  I also like to travel when I can.

What is your favourite Fold dress?

I can’t pick one…

The Draycott for timeless elegance, great for meetings with corporate clients where I want to power dress

The Padideh a fantastic statement dress, great for networking when you want to be noticed

As a woman in business, how important is it to dress well for work?

My view is that we should celebrate our femininity. Dressing well, particularly in dresses, is a fantastic way to do this whilst still being appropriate and stylish for work. I love wearing dresses because they require minimum effort in terms of getting ready time, but give maximum impact.

Rebecca Lynch- Padideh DressRebecca wears The Padideh Dress in Slate blue

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