The Fold Woman: Paula Doyle

The Fold Woman: Paula Doyle
March 19, 2014 BenTheFold

Paula Doyle- Lawyer and Manager at IBM  

Career Background

I have a somewhat varied past.  I started off as a software engineer and went back to university to study law at the age of 27.  I have never looked back since then.  I worked for a number of years as a lawyer in private practice in London and moved to IBM in 2006.

The Fold Woman: Paula Doyle - Dress

Paula wears The Hatton Jacket in Black and White Tweed, The Houston Shirt in White and Le Marais Cropped trousers in Black.

What is one the greatest challenges that you have had to overcome in your career?

One of the greatest challenges for me was starting from scratch to go back and study law at 27. At that time I had a good job, a car etc.  I decided to walk away from it all and follow a hunch that I would be more fulfilled as a lawyer than I could ever be as a software engineer.  At that point I didn’t know any lawyers in London so I was really going on a gut feel.  Luckily I did as I have never looked back and really enjoy what I do!

I understand that you travel quite a bit for work, what are some of your top tips for creating a stylish but practical travel capsule wardrobe?

I don’t travel a lot, usually 2 or 3 times a year but when I do I like to travel as lightly as possible as one is usually rushing in and out of airports.  As I am often meeting international colleagues that I have spoken to but not actually met before I certainly want to create a good, professional impression.  Thus, I am looking to take clothes with me that travel well in suitcases, are stylish and contemporary but at the same time portray me as a woman who wants to get the job done!  Clothes that are comfortable to wear are a must and of course they must be feminine.

Paula-Doyle_Eton-Dress - shift dress

Paula wears The Eaton Dress in white

Do you have a mentor or role model that you talk to about your career?  If so, what is some key advice have they given you?

Yes, I do have a mentor within IBM.  She is a Vice President and Assistant General Counsel.  She encourages me to be myself, continuously work to develop my skills and push my boundaries.  IBM is a very motivating environment to work in as a woman as there is certainly no glass ceiling since IBM’s first female CEO Ginni Rommety was appointed in 2012.

What are some of the ways you take time out of your busy schedule and unwind from work?

Well I have two adorable little girls aged 2 and a half (Dahlia) and 4 and a half (Liliana) so outside of work I love to spend time with them and they keep me very busy indeed!  On top of that my husband and I love food (he is Italian and cooks very well) so we love to spend time cooking for and entertaining friends.

Which items from The Fold feature in your working wardrobe? 

These days most of my working wardrobe is made up of clothes from the Fold!  I have to thank my long term hairdresser Bryn at Easton Regal (the salon is in the same building as the Fold’s showroom) for introducing them to me! I find their clothes incredibly comfortable to wear and every time I appear at work in a Fold outfit I receive positive comments from colleagues.   The items I currently have in my wardrobe are Le Marais Capsule, The Westbourne and The Georgia from the Britt Lintner Collection.  I am intending to buy the Arlington dress, the Houston shirt and some other items to form part of my spring/summer wardrobe.


Paula wears The Arlington Dress in Navy and White

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