The Fold Woman: Miranda Brawn

The Fold Woman: Miranda Brawn
April 17, 2014 BenTheFold

Miranda Brawn – Barrister and Director at Daiwa Capital

Could you give us a brief bio into your career background?

I went straight into investment banking at 18 after my A levels so I have spent my whole adulthood within finance!  The idea was to have a gap year off before I went to University.  I have previously worked for most of the top tier investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank where my roles have varied throughout the years from stockbroker, project manager, senior legal counsel, television broadcaster, front office sales, marketer and sales trader having also managed teams and clients.  I have also worked for high street law firms as a consultant legal adviser specializing in civil and commercial litigation.

Today, I am a Director at Daiwa Capital where my overall job is to manage my company’s legal risk across Europe for their derivatives and securities financing business.   I am also the Founder and CEO of Pluto Law Limited which specializes in investment banking legal consultancy, mentoring, legal research and tutoring.

To compliment my day jobs, I am a board director, barrister, freelance writer, motivational public speaker and now a brand ambassador for The Fold London.   I have also just agreed to become part of a regular panel discussing various current affairs which will be televised on a Sky channel during the summer months of 2014.


Miranda wears The Cavendish Dress in Silver Grey

What is one the greatest challenges that you have had to overcome in your career? 

One of the greatest challenges has to be the completion of all my studies while working full time within investment banking throughout my 20s.  I was able to complete a long of list of qualifications which include my MBA at Business School, my Bar Finals at Law School and a Journalism Diploma at the London School of Journalism.  I have also recently completed my studies in Political Philosophy at the University of Cambridge.  Hence, I have always liked a challenge.

What are you personal and / or work goals for 2014?

The main one is maintaining a successful work life balance.

Has there been a particular role model or mentor who has helped you define and achieve your goals?

I have had several mentors throughout my career especially at JPMorgan Chase Bank.  However, my main role model and mentor has been my mother who has given me great advice and always told me I could do anything I wanted to do.

As a role model and mentor myself now, I am a strong believer in giving back so every single time I mentor or talk to anybody and they say I have been able to inspire them, it makes all the hard work worth it.  I know I am very ambitious and driven, hence there’s still a lot to achieve.

Could you tell us a little bit about some of the networking groups you are actively involved with and what role they play in both your career and personal development.

Networking is a key factor in today’s professional world.  I am on various female boards and committees within the City of London such as the City Women Network (CWN), Women in Banking and Finance (WiBF) and the Association of Women Barristers (AWB).

In particular, the CWN, which is aimed at senior professional women, has some great networking events for 2014 including a joint partnership with The Fold London in October 2014.

I am also in the process of (hopefully) launching and chairing Daiwa’s first women’s network and potentially a professional development network for both male and female employees.  In addition, I have recently become the only European contributing writer for the Glass Hammer which is aimed at senior women within business, finance and the law.

I really enjoy meeting different people and learning from their experiences to help with my own career and personal development. It is also highly rewarding to help inspire women from all different types of backgrounds and races to commence and/ or further their careers.

Do you feel that the way you dress is significant in the workplace?

Right or wrong, people judge you on the clothes you wear.  We jump to conclusions about a person’s success, professionalism and even talent based on their wardrobe. Study after study seems to reiterate that we do make such judgments about people.  The first impressions we get of people are very strong and it is sometimes difficult to change this. 

The way you dress and present yourself within the workplace speaks a lot about you and will also be the image that others have of your company.  Hence, it is important to consider dressing your personal brand for success.

What is your work style like?

Professional, elegant and stylish.


What are some of the ways that you like to unwind outside of work?

Philanthropy, yoga, weekend country walks, relaxing with friends and family.

What is your favourite Fold Dress and why?

The Harley Dress in Cobalt Blue.  It is a fabulous dress to wear from a boardroom meeting to a client dinner.  I have never received so many compliments about one dress!


Miranda wears The Kensington Dress in Grey & White Tweed

Photos from Amelia Allen Photography.

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