The Fold Woman

  • The Fold Woman: Dara Huang

    Dara Huang, Founder: Design Haus Liberty/ DH Liberty Background I got my bachelor degree from the University of Florida and went on…

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  • The Fold Woman: Aruna Seth

    Aruna seth, Creative Director & Founder of Aruna Seth shoes. Your career began in investment banking, what made you decide…

    The Fold |
  • The Fold Woman – Catherine Kennard

    Catherine Kennard: Managing Director, Lovework Could you give us a brief background into your career before starting Lovework? After graduating…

    The Fold |
  • The Fold Woman: Anneka Treon

    Current Role: Director of Equities at Kempen & Co bank, Amsterdam where Anneka is Co-Head the Benelux Equities division. Brief bio…

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  • The Fold Woman: Denan Li

    Head of Business Development at Huda Associates and Board Advisor at The Fold. Denan manages the origination and execution of…

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