Britt Lintner for The Fold: The Launch Party

Britt Lintner for The Fold: The Launch Party
December 4, 2013 The Fold

The Fold was thrilled to celebrate the launch of our latest collaboration with inspiring business woman and fashion designer, Britt Lintner. Britt is revisiting her signature style with an exclusive collection of beautiful dresses that combine style and versatility. The limited edition pieces have been inspired by five successful and extraordinary women, and have the needs of busy women in mind.

See all the pieces from the Limited Edition collection here.

Britt Lintner for The Fold Launch_Harley-Dress

Britt Lintner for The Fold Launch_Harpers-Bazaar_Britt-Lintner

The event, co hosted by Harper’s Bazaar, saw Jo Glynn-Smith, Retail Director at Harper’s go head-to-head with Britt on the hot topic of ‘dressing for work’.  Polly McMaster, Founder of The Fold chaired the thought-provoking discussion between Britt and Jo. Polly’s main question was, Fashion can change everyone’s perception of you in the workplace – but can it help with your success?”

Britt highlighted the issue that for women, dressing for work can be a great cause of anxiety and stress. The rules for women are far more blurred than for men. She points out that you need to dedicate time and energy to it, like you would any other aspect of your profile;

“dressing for work is like going to the gym, sometimes you wake up and you don´t feel like dressing up. … (but) People make up their mind about you in a quarter of a second – You have to make sure you are representing your brand”.  (Britt Lintner)

Jo, who hails from the hugely popular Harper’s Bazaar, took a slightly different approach. She argued that women shouldn’t feel so constrained when it comes to dressing for work and should feel free to present their own flair and style in the way they dress.

“Fashion is not frivolous, it fundamentally changes things: if you think how princess Diana changed the way she was perceived by the way she dressed… she became more famous, more photographed, more powerful” (Jo Glynn-Smith)

Britt Lintner for The Fold Launch_Harpers Bazaar_Birgit-Dress

The debate was then opened up to the audience, and women began sharing their own experiences with dressing for work, and how clothing can dramatically change the way they feel and act whilst at work.

“In the big bad real world perception easily trumps reality every time – and you have to dress for that perception” (Britt Lintner)

After the talk, guests were invited to have an exclusive first preview of the collection.

Britt Lintner for The Fold Launch_Padideh-Dress

A huge thank you to Harper’s Bazaar for their many contributions to the evening, and to Veuve Clicquot for providing their exceptional champagne for all the guests. Also, we were thrilled to have Lara Bohinc lend her beautiful collection for our shoot, and showcase the stunning collection of jewellery and accessories.

Britt Lintner for The Fold Launch_Birgit-Dress_Britt-Lintner

Britt Lintner for The Fold Launch_Emma-Dress

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