Behind The Scenes: The Florence Scarf Collection

Behind The Scenes: The Florence Scarf Collection
October 21, 2015 The Fold
The Florence Scarf Collection

To complement the autumn/winter collection, The Fold has collaborated with Visual Artist and Surface Print Designer Alison Watt to create a limited edition collection of bespoke printed scarves crafted in luxurious cashmere-mix. The Florence scarves are available in red, black and blue colourways online at and in The Fold’s London showroom.

Print Inspiration : Platinum Frost

The print represents the shifting nature of light as morning breaks and evening descends on a winter’s day. It’s an image that is universal as it creates a feeling of optimism about what the day holds and the reflection as it turns to night.

The inspiration was drawn from a photo Alison took when she was up early one morning and noticed the sun radiating in dappled tones of light and shade on the window pane. The leaves on the tree went in and out of focus through the morning dew and the brilliance of the sunlight projecting behind it. It was the interplay of light that held Alison’s attention – she recreated this mood by photographing red and blue ink dispersing in pools of water creating rivers of colour that diluted in tone. She also photographed clouds of powdered pigment thrown into the air, allowing it to settle on paper in expressive gestural arcs of tonality.

To complete the prints Alison collaged the photos of the paint into grids of chequered compositions which channel the energy of the bleeding and gestural light and allow a harmony of order and disarray to coexist.


About Alison

Alison Watt is a visual artist and surface print designer based in London. She collaborates with fashion and interior labels internationally to create bespoke collections of printed statement designs. Originally a fine artist oil painter she approaches design from a unique perspective which marries her painterly sensibility with a minimalist aesthetic and a progressive attitude.

Have a look at Alison’s work here



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