Getting Ideas off the Ground

Getting Ideas off the Ground
September 23, 2016 The Fold

Getting Ideas off the Ground

This week saw Polly, The Fold founder, talk at a Virgin Startups event about getting your ideas off the ground. The beginnings are often the hardest, and finding your first paying customer is a challenge, but with all the support systems helping young entrepreneurs thrive, nothing can hold a great idea down.


But let’s say you’re past the initial phases. You have your paying customers and things are looking great. You just need to hire more people. A daunting task, no doubt — you’ll be spending the majority of your week surrounded by these people and your company’s success depends on them. Moira Forbes asks some of the top female leaders about the one thing they ask every potential hire: take out the notebooks. Read more on Forbes.


Once the hiring process is done, Tracey Massey, president of Mars Chocolate in North America, gives some food for thought. Women often feel guilty if they leave work early — we don’t want to seem like we don’t care because we do. Massey on the other hand feels perfectly fine leaving work at 3pm if needs must. Aware others are watching, she explains it’s up to the C-suite women to set an example and shift culture towards an environment where there can be balance in life. Read more on Fortune


Meanwhile, Juliet Eilperin writes for Washington Post about the women of White House. The fascinating article goes over the history of women working behind the scenes at the most important office in the world, explains how a President’s second term is better at involving women but perhaps most importantly, it talks about ways women support each other. Obama’s female staffers adopted an ‘amplification’ strategy, literally amplifying points made by other women, giving credit to its author. Not only did it mean no one would have the chance to brush the women off and claim the ideas as their own, it made Obama notice. We should all try it. Read more on Washington Post.


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