In the Press: What we’ve learnt this week

In the Press: What we’ve learnt this week
July 22, 2016 The Fold

With the news coverage split between Turkey’s attempted coup and Trident, with the Labour leader election thrown in for good measure. it was at times tricky to pick up on much else. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our weekly round-up of things we should be aware of.

First there was Lauren Laitin’s article for The Muse about the achieving work-life balance and how the phrase itself keeps us from it. What, now? You heard us. Her thoughts might just give you some new perspective.

Another concept explored in quite a fascinating manner was the idea of a glass cliff. It’s the idea of giving women the power when there is absolutely everything to lose — and a good chance it will be lost, too. Is this where Theresa May is teetering, Kat Lister asks for The Pool.

But even if you’re not in THE office, there are things about our jobs we all hate — even when we really, really love our jobs. Samantha Harrington writes to the Forbes why it’s ok to not love every single thing, but why it’s necessary to get it done.

Meanwhile, 30% of US businesses are owned by women. This sounds great, but unfortunately it’s juxtaposed with the news that for every $23 men receive in small business loans, a woman gets $1.

Wines and cheeses and other matches made in heaven will keep us going, until that gap is no more – see it here in The Guardian.

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