Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond
October 21, 2016 The Fold

Going Above & Beyond

This week The Fold’s Founder, Polly McMaster, joined an inspirational panel at Haberman Ilett’s latest Women’s Network Event, alongside Juliet Blanch (a partner in, and head of, Weil’s International Dispute Resolution Practise) and Ruth Handcock (Chief Custom Officer at the new challenger bank Tandem).

The panel talk was based around ‘How I went above and beyond, and why you can too.‘ With lots of interesting issues raised we thought we’d share some of the key takeaway points:


    1. Don’t be defined by others expectations.
    2. Stay true to your values. Really think about what you are prepared to do and equally what you are not prepared to trade-off.
    3. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, actively seek it out. It’s in these moments that we see what we are truly capable of and really push ourselves. Great ideas and outcomes can come from these moments.
    4. Take time to reflect – if you reach a goal, take stock before striving onwards.
    5. Have a passion for everything you do.
    6. Be a bit meaner with your time – don’t feel like you have to say yes to everything and everyone. Block the guilt! This will allow you to prioritise your time better and ultimately the time spent will be far more productive/satisfying.
    7. Don’t be too rigid or dutiful, goals and people evolve and change over time. Wonderful things can come from unexpected twists and turns.

Read Polly’s interview (A fashionable take on ‘success’…) with Haberman Ilett here.


Have a lovely weekend,

Team Fold



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